Advice to Prospective Graduate Students


Prospective graduate students are beginning to make their campus visits, and Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame) writes to share some advice for those graduate students. Please feel free to add more or to disagree with Professor Sullivan in the comments.

 It is Prospective Visit season at PhD programs, and I know many prospective students are a bit unclear about how they ought to approach these visits.  There are also, unfortunately, lots of rumors floating around about different departments that can have an undue influence on one’s decisions.  I thought it might be nice to open a thread on particular pieces of advice for students going on these visits.  Here are my five, for what they are worth:

(1) Be sure to talk to a broad sample of faculty, graduate students, and even spouses and partners of faculty and graduate students.  Get a very broad sample of data.  Don’t be afraid to email faculty or graduate students to get answers to your…

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