Call for Reviewers: The Middle Ground Journal: World History and Global Studies

The Middle Ground Journal

Call for Reviewers: The Middle Ground Journal: World History and Global Studies

From: Hong-Ming Liang, The College of St. Scholastica HLIANG@CSS.EDU

The Middle Ground Journal, ( an open-access, refereed, and nonprofit scholarly journal of world history and global studies, is seeking qualified reviewers. For a list of the available books, documentaries and other artifacts, please visit:

These reviews are due on October 31, 2014. To apply, please email the title/author(s) of the book/documentary, your contact information (e-mail, postal address, phone), and your CV/resume to the journal’s chief editor, Professor Hong-Ming Liang, at HLIANG (at) We are particularly interested in reviewers who are planning to use the book in a class, and are willing to submit follow-up reports. Preferences will be given to reviewers who propose long term cooperative projects with the journal. We have a very limited budget for shipping books internationally. Please note that it will require…

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