A Small Minnesota Town by Jennifer Hendrickson

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A Small Minnesota Town

There is a small town up north that is sure to catch your eye. It is 130 years old and the town has quite a history. The name of this town is Tower. About two miles down a winding highway is another small town called Soudan. Tower took its name from the town’s founder, Charlemagne Tower, and was the third town in the United States to be named in his honor. The town of Soudan was named after the African region of Sudan. Later a Frenchman changed the spelling from Sudan to the French spelling Soudan. Back then, the town known as Breitung Township and was rarely called Soudan. Today the small towns are known collectively as Tower-Soudan.

Tower-Soudan was once a booming mining town. Charlemagne Tower was said to have used around 3 million dollars of his own to get the railroad and mine going…

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