Political ‘Science’: Duluth to Denver? Airport seeks federal funding for direct route: Duluth News Tribune

Poli Sci 2019. this is a really good, local example of why the usual big government versus no government frame of American political debate is so limiting. i can already hear the two extremes of keyboard warriors. on one side the “if it’s profitable then private business would have already invented this route ….” in which case Duluth and surrounding communities would have disappeared decades ago; and the other side, “government should pay for even more routes” …. in which case we would go bankrupt even faster than projected. while i myself am a government skeptic (based upon decades of skepticism towards any form of power and bureaucracy ….), i also know that most of the small to medium sized towns north, west, and south of the Twin Cities would have disappeared had it not been public policy — taxes, government budget, etc. so, perhaps the argument ought to be less about big versus no government, but over how and when — this is why in different classes i have made such a big deal about public policy — between election rhetoric and hyper polarized political and journalistic worlds, roads still have to be maintained, schools paid for, elders cared for, and ultimately, those are not products of theoretical political arguments, but public policy compromises. Professor Liang

Duluth to Denver? Airport seeks federal funding for direct route


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