How They (Online Graduate Programs) Get You: The Atlantic

all classes. i am decades and decades away from being a millennial, yet i share your apparent aversion to talking on the phone …. practical and theoretical at once. hundreds of you have sadly sat in my office and suffered my nagging advice (sorrynotsorry ….) — much as i love education, i am super careful about money, and skeptical of postgraduate programs — especially the ones with super neat names. it’s not so much that postgraduate programs are good or bad, but i understand debt, and i understand the higher ed business. so generally you get to endure me deliver the cautionary tales and counsel great care and caution before investing the time and money. here is a really good, specific angle to understand a part of my overall skepticism. on the theoretical — world history and globalisation both. once consumerism as an ideology envelopes the universe, everything — every imaginable thing — becomes monetised and commodified — time, labor, widgets, knowledge, education …. and anything monetised and commodified can and must be marketed. the nature of the globalised economic system is that if the structure doesn’t invent-create-hype (over)consumption, then the structure itself collapses. and so, while in a more traditional sense it feels awful to have something special like education get dragged into this system, on the other hand, why should it surprise any of us at all? Professor Liang

How They (Online Graduate Programs) Get You

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