Student Debt Is Transforming the American Family and How Families Navigate the Growing Cost of College: New Yorker and Inside Higher Education

all classes. not news to any of you i am sure. again, broader historical and global contexts are these: globalisation of the economy has hollowed out the middle and lower middle classes around the globe — in globalisation, you are either amazingly wealthy, or poor/insecure. add on top of that systematic government divestment in public education — call it what you want, the famous GI Bill is basically a form of socialism — if we define socialism as simply society-wide burden sharing (and in that sense, your car insurance is socialism too ….) for decades has moved the cost of higher education from the society to our 18 and 19 year olds. add on top of that an employment landscape of extremes — study computer engineering, you will do great; study other things, not so much. and a final, cultural-social characteristic — somehow just as higher ed became far less affordable, we as a civilisation also talked ourselves into this idea that ONLY formal college credentials matter …. just as higher ed has become more expensive we have also purposely cut off other sensible routes for students to go after high school — how come apprenticeship isn’t available? work experience? internships? much as i love education, i also know that it is not for everyone, and i think as a society we are making a dreadful mistake not giving complex human beings the full range of reasonable options to pursue. Professor Liang

Student Debt Is Transforming the American Family

How Families Navigate the Growing Cost of College

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