Will AI replace university lecturers? Not if we make it clear why humans matter: The Guardian

Poli Sci and all classes. well, my sarcastic-ish initial reaction is “Hey, my students probably would prefer a robot over me ….”, and (see illustration) i would certainly hope our future robot AI professors would have better clothing than that. two sessions in and we have already had some very excellent ideas discussed about the promises and limitations of modern technology — not either/or, but for what purpose, when and how, and that big question i asked — are we using technology, or is technology using us? here, a broader, deeper connection to what we discussed Thursday — if the core engine driving globalisation is economic — and more specific, profit making, then a companion to that big question is, are we using AI robot professors because they make life better, more humane, more satisfying, or is it because it is yet another way to squeeze every last dollar out of the means of production? at the end of our Thursday session our classmate Anna asked about how much technology versus in person contact i use for networking — and in my answer i spoke basically of something inherently human — subjective, random-ish, intuitive — not a line of computer code, but something that comes from a human’s brain/soul. with emphasis on the idea that i am always actively thinking about the technology choices i am making, rather than passively letting technology designs dictate what and when i use them. while i have been experimenting with online teaching, because we are all being pressed in that direction, and because i am interested in technology, i am also skeptical of squeezing even more actual direct human interactions out of our lives. nor am i convinced that investing in more technology and machines will actually become profitable in the long run. in any case, always promising and fun to see an article appear relating to what we just discussed in class — and for Globalisation and Historiography, expect these ideas/themes to appear all semester as well. Professor Liang

Will AI replace university lecturers? Not if we make it clear why humans matter


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