OK… Chiles en Nogada, at last! Pati Jinich Mexican Table

Globalisation. humans migrate. globalisation has accelerated the rate of involuntary migration while at the same time connected more of us to one another via various information superhighways. so here is a particular dish tied to the seasonality of produce (a sense of about food and time and place very much being wiped out by globalisation ….), missed by those who migrated, appreciated by those not of these regions by virtue of their immigrant friends and neighbors and this globalisation information superhighway. add in memories, elders, ancestors, families, friends, neighborhoods, traditional markets …. ceremonies, rituals …. and you have in one brief essay, one dish, one food item, a perfect illustration of why we have organized our semester the way we have. Professor Liang

OK… Chiles en Nogada, at last! Pati Jinich Mexican Table

OK… Chiles en Nogada, at last!

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