Special report: Higher education’s existential crisis Axios

all classes. super important, especially when read in tandem with the reports re: student debt shared previously. also important to remember this — yes i focus on higher ed because for now this is the business i am in, and this is the realm that you are a part of — but the patterns affecting the business of higher ed are connected with broader, global and national forces we have unleashed — either by deliberate policy choices (divestment in education, transferring debt to individual students, hollowing out of middle to lower middle classes ….) and/or unintended consequences of our full embrace of globalisation (high tech, consumerism as an ideology/religion, formal higher ed as the only credentialing ….) as leaders of the future, and global citizens, all issues worth studying. for Poli Sci, a larger parallel to the concept i introduced re: digital reality mismatched with our analog polity …. Professor Liang

Special report: Higher education’s existential crisis Axios


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