The History About Each Vegetable Seed to Crop

Globalization. Food and the World. now that you are submitting your first brief essay and thinking (i hope ….) about the next essay, this is a good example of what we are looking for …. is this a credible website? to cite information i would like to see a second, peer reviewed source in your next paper. but this is a good beginning. it also gives you a very quick global overview — if you overlay these sources, with what happened in global history in the last 2,000 years, tie that in to the migration patterns of your own family, then you would have a good outline for things to research and analyze. finally, i note with interest (and a little bit sighing ….) that the three comments from readers concern grammar and whether tomatoes are a fruit or vegetable …. ah, humans, always endearing and befuddling and aggravating at the same time! …. Professor Liang

The History About Each Vegetable Seed to Crop

The History About Each Vegetable

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