Worth It Goes To Taiwan $0.50 Dumpling Vs. $29 Dumplings • BuzzFeedVideo via TrickyTaipei

Food and the World. Globalisation. note the annotation by Tricky Taipei, too. two connections to our class. first, money and globalisation — $80 mango, $29 dumplings, and our semester long discussion about value and hierarchy. second, globalisation and high technology creating a new genre of global travel and food reporting — given that globalisation is the latest phase of global imperialism, inequality and exploitation are necessary characteristics of all global interactions, travel and food shows also fall well within these confines. what parts of the world play the relatively passive, exotic places to be explored and narrated, versus what tiny parts of the world have the resource and power to dominate the global conversation mirrors the global imperialism pattern for the past five centuries. Professor Liang p.s. i will never spend $29 for dumplings, but yes, Taiwanese dumplings are very tasty …. and remember, most civilisations have a comparable form of food, meat covered by starch — historically tiny bits of meat, not like today — a classic poor people food to stretch the resource as far as possible ….

Worth It Goes To Taiwan $0.50 Dumpling Vs. $29 Dumplings •BuzzFeedVideo via TrickyTaipei


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