Taiwan, World History, and Global Studies

梁弘明 Liang, Hong-Ming, Ph.D.

Editor in Chief and Publisher, Taiwan in World History 台灣與世界歷史

Editor in Chief and Publisher, The North Star Reports: Global Citizenship and Digital Literacy


I am from the democratic and independent island republic of Taiwan, also known as Formosa, “The Beautiful Island.” I study global history, Asian history, Taiwanese history and politics, human rights, global history and politics, nationalism and national identity, US Foreign Relations, environmental politics. Actual specialty: sarcasm and irony. This website is an open, online classroom. You are welcome to visit as our guest. Do mind your manners and remember the importance of kindness and politeness.

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ProfessorLiang.Org grants open-access to all not-for-profit and educational institutions, provided that 1) the piece(s) are reproduced and/or linked in their entirety, without editing or alterations, 2) full and written/printed credit is given to ProfessorLiang.Org and to the author(s), and 3) that such a reproduction is not for a fee of any kind. Teachers and students are warmly invited and encouraged to use this website in their classes. We encourage you to please let Professor Liang know when you reproduce our work on an open-access basis.

Contributors are solely responsible for the opinions, analyses, and conclusions of their essays. ProfessorLiang.Org disclaims any responsibility for the opinions and analyses of the contributors and those who submit comments. We have made every effort to alert our contributors on the importance of respecting intellectual property rights. If one of our contributors has mistakenly submitted an image that is not open sourced, please email Professor Liang and we will remove the image(s) immediately. The contributors are solely responsible for all of words and images they submit for publication. ProfessorLiang.Org reserves the right to refuse to post comments for any reason.

Privacy policy: ProfessorLiang.org is an open access, not for profit scholarly publication. We do not track, collect, distribute, or sell information from our contributors and readers.

Fall 2019

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  1. Nice header image! 🙂

  2. Your studies have qualified you to teach, your character has made you a Teacher. Stay the course, we need more Teachers like you.

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