Current Events


Some of the English language news sites I read daily:


Duluth News Tribune

Minneapolis Star Tribune

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Mesabi Daily News

Wall Street Journal

Christian Science Monitor

New York Times

Washington Post

Washington Times


Inside Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education


London Times


Financial Times

Pravda (Russia)


Epoch Times (Falun Dafa)

People’s Daily (China)

Japan Times

Japan Today


Korea Times

Korea Herald

DPRK News (North Korean News Agency)

Straits Times (Singapore)

Taipei Times

Kantipur (Nepal)

Daily News (Sri Lanka/Ceylon) (Pakistan)

The Nation (Pakistan)

The Hindu

The Times of India

Calcutta News Net

Turkish Daily News

Fars News Agency (Iran)

Al Bawaba (Middle Eastern)

Press TV (Iran)


Momento24 (Argentina)

Reuters Africa


New York Post

New York Daily News

The Onion

National Enquirer

Asian Chronicle


The only electronic/tee-vee news outlets I endorse are CNBC, the Colbert Report (alas!), and the Daily Show. Watch CNN/MSNBC/Fox/ABC/NBC/CBS at your own risk.

News aggregates (Drudge, Google) and blogs are fine – but be mindful of your own level of passivity/activism in the acquisition of information.

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