1. Research Resources – This is an abridged, introductory list

The sites below are where you should supplement all preliminary research (start with the UMD, Duluth Municipal, and CSS library sites). They also serve as guides – whether for research, or for the news assignments – for what constitutes credible and scholarly sources of information. Whenever the word “research” is used for this class, start here (not Google, Bing, Wikipedia, etc. ….)


The Middle Ground Journal at

Professor Liang at

The North Star Reports at

The North Star Reports Farcebook at

History and Politics Farcebook page at:

SOLAR – CSS Library Website at:

Digital Public Library of America at


MIT Visualising Cultures

History News Network

Japan Focus


Internet Sacred Text Archive


World History Connected


C-Span Book Tee Vee

C-Span Classroom

Library of Congress

U.S. National Archives




Culture 360

Internet Archive

Indian and Pakistani History

European History Online

Mozambique History Net


Media Commons

FlowTV Journal

Film and History

Capturing Reality: the Art of Documentary Making

American Popular Culture: Resources for Critical Analysis

  1. Calgary Popular Culture


H-Net for Diplomatic and International History

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations

Foreign Policy Research Institute (Think Tank Directory)

Cold War International History Center (Woodrow Wilson Center)

National Security Archive (GW University)

East-West Center

Nixon tapes

Foreign Policy Magazine

Foreign Affairs (Council of Foreign Relations) Reading Lists


H-Net H-Memory

History and Memory:

Memory Studies:

American Memory, United States Library of Congress

Centre for Interdisciplinary Memory Research, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, Essen


Indiana University Center for the Study of History and Memory

Memory Studies Project at McGill


H-Net for Asian Studies

Asia Matters

Asia Society

The South China Sea Virtual Library

Indian Ocean World Centre

The Silkroad Foundation

Association for the Study of Nationalities

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